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Get your WordPress website ADA & WCAG compliant!

In the US as many as 1 in 4 adults (approx. 60 million people) live with some sort of disability, and globally that figure is likely higher. Website accessibility is essential for enabling all individuals to use your website, regardless of their abilities. Improving website accessibility not only enhances the ability of people to browse your website, it improves your website’s UX (user experience), expands your market reach, and even helps SEO. And increasingly, addressing accessibility can help you avoid costly lawsuits!

Making a website accessible mainly involves looking at the size of your fonts, the color contrast of various elements on your website pages, and overall making your website easier to navigate. WordPress out of the box does many of these things to improve accessibility, but achieving sitewide compliance with accessibility guidelines can be challenging. That’s why it’s best to hire professionals like us to get you compliant! 

Contact us below for a free quote to get your website up to date with ADA & WCAG accessibility guidelines. If you decide to have us do the work, we will go through page by page addressing sizing, colors, navigation, and any other items called to attention by the official WCAG 2.2 AA guidelines. We can also add an accessibility statement to a page of your choosing to help showcase your websites compliance.

For most websites the work will take 2-4 hours, but please contact us for a specific quote.

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Other support options:

Web Updates

Our most common and popular offering. Need something updated, fixed or modified on your site? We'll boss it around for you.

  • A minimum of 30 minutes is required, $75 paid in advance.
  • We will review your request and provide an estimate if any additional work is needed.
  • Any additional time is $150/hr.

Basic Maintenance

Another new offering to help you keep your website updated on a budget!

  • $35/mo. billed automatically and you must sign on for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Includes: WordPress/plugins/theme updates, testing up to 1 forms notifications (contact form), and doing a general sweep of the website and making any additional recommendations.
  • ***Maintenance does not include larger issues that exist or occur because of updates. You'll be notified if anything arises (very rare) with an estimate for additional time needed at our normal hourly rate of $150/hr.