Basic Maintenance

Keep your WordPress website updated, fast and secure!

With Basic Maintenance we’ll keep your website updated, secure and tuned on a budget! This includes every month updating WordPress, themes, all plugins, testing up to 1 form of your choice, malware scanning + cleanup, up to 3 minor website edits (at our discretion), and doing a general sweep of the site to determine if anything else is needed and/or make recommendations. You’ll also get an email summary of everything that was done.

The cost is $35/mo. billed automatically and you must sign on for a minimum of 1 year.

Note: Maintenance does not include larger issues that exist or occur because of updates. You’ll be notified if anything arises (very rare) with an estimate for additional time needed at our normal hourly rate of $150/hr.

Signup Now!

By signing up for maintenance you are agreeing to a 1yr. contract to be billed annually @ $420/yr. As soon as you sign up we’ll get any additional information needed and get your website into the rotation and updated immediately!

Other support options:

Web Updates

Our most common and popular offering. Need something updated, fixed or modified on your site? We’ll boss it around for you.

  • A minimum of 30 minutes is required, $75 paid in advance.
  • Kate & Jonah will review your request and provide an estimate if any additional work is needed.
  • Any additional time is $150/hr.

Screencast Help

Our newest offering, providing you custom video support and walkthroughs for anything you need.

  • $35 per request paid in advance. We’ll review each request and may deny it if it’s too complex.
  • Requests can include multiple things but try to limit this because the screencast will be 5-10 minutes in length.
  • Additional questions or support needed after the screencast is provided or outside what we decide to include in the screencast may incur additional billing. Any additional time is $150/hr.