Yoga, Fitness, and You: The Total Package

Keep clients informed, make connections, and make sales.

The Total Package

Keep your clients informed, make connections, and make sales.

Stand out in your community and let your web presence reflect who you are: authentic, professional, and approachable. 

Are you a new yoga and fitness studio or teacher competing in your congested area?

Are you an established studio competing with some new boutique studios infiltrating your city?

We are a mindfulness focused web design, consulting, and branding company that offers an all inclusive package for upgrading your web presence. Not only that, but you will be working with our lead Project Manager, Kate, who has been teaching and writing in the yoga and fitness industry for 10+ years. She yolks her expertise of working with Power Up Production’s functional and aesthetically alluring web design with a background in athletics, fitness, yoga, and writing to offer you the ability to stand out in an ever growing field.

The 1 Day Site. A streamlined solution for building a budget-friendly website without sacrificing quality.

Why struggle trying to learn web design for hours on end in SquareSpace or attempting to create your own WordPress site only to get frustrated and waste time? Learning web design is like learning a brand new language from scratch. It might seem easy in the first few steps but you will quickly get overwhelmed and lost in the details! Let us help you get set up, and you can take it from there.

Our all inclusive WordPress site comes with 10 pages of content that you provide (with the option for you to add more at any time), newsletter integration, blog, google analytics, basic SEO setup, social media integration, and video tutorials so you know how to manage the site yourself. Check out more details about the 1 Day site here.

Get Clear on Strategy.
2 hours of consulting for your business, either in person (if local) or over skype. 

Unsure if you should launch a yoga teacher training program? Unsure how to go about doing that, or how to promote it? Should you be adding more class times or removing a few? How do you keep your teachers happy? How do you get more prime time teaching slots?

When it comes to launching your brand or increasing revenue at your studio, there is quite a bit involved as to how to maneuver and distinguish yourself in the yoga or fitness field. With so much competition, we work with you to help discover what sets you apart from the rest and how to increase your sales and visibility.
*This time can also be spent for Kate to write 1-2 blog posts for you on a yoga or fitness topic of your choice. Check out the one Kate did for Solshine Wellness here

Quicker, Easier Payment Options.
Custom designed pricing page utilizing Mind Body buttons

Did you know Mind Body software now has the ability to create Pay Now buttons for your website and it does not have to link directly to making a profile or the schedule page? And we can make it look snazzy?

Let it be easy for your clients to purchase classes or packages with you! A well designed page makes a difference if someone feels inclined to purchase. Our designer Hari has the know how, check out a few sites we implemented: Solshine Wellness, Anjali Hot Yoga, and Shift Studio!
*begins at 1 hour of work

Create Videos to connect with clients and pull in revenue
Launch an online portal for a subscription based access to your online videos

As you know, much of our world is transferring to an online presence. Whether you want to offer workshops, trainings, live classes, filmed classes, or tutorials, an online subscription helps make you visible and engaging. You do not need the best lighting or equipment to make this happen (though of course, that doesn’t hurt!). A steady subscription payment to you is waiting to come in through your door- let us help you make this happen.
*We will set this up for you at 5 hours of work (more can always be done).

Establish your presence.
Social media setup and 1 hour of social media consultation

When it comes to social media, most people are not sure what to say, how often to post, or how to engage with their audience; however, social media is one of the biggest outlets for you to connect with your audience and establish connections with your students. Kate works with you to set you up for success so you can utilize the most visible platforms for your clients.

Total Package: $2300

Branding to Embody YOU:

We know how important it is for you and your brand (even if you are new and still developing it) to be visible in your city. However, it can be difficult to know how to brand yourself! This is where our incredible designer, Hari, can step in and help you out. Below are just a few optional add-ons you can incorporate into the total package:

  • Logo Design
  • Custom Divi Homepage
  • Branding and Image Consulting

Ready to begin? Have a few questions? Just want to chat a bit more about the options? Schedule a chat with Kate below!

“The creation of a new website for your company can be incredibly challenging. However working with the Power Up Production team made it both easy and even enjoyable. Kate’s attention to detail and assistance with every technician question was awesome! I love the new website! I highly recommend using this team and Kate to develop and maintain your business website.”

Ferris Fakhoury

Owner of Anjali Hot Yoga