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Hello! We are so happy to offer hosting with our lead developer, Jonah West. Read on for some highlights as to what you will receive with our hosting option, and let us know if you have any questions!

Jonah will host your website(s) through his developer account on Kinsta, a premium WordPress host with tons of great features like: use of the Google Cloud Platform and 12 PHP workers per site for incredible performance, security like Fort Knox, and 17 different global data center locations to be able to locate your website closer to your visitors.

Please complete the form below to proceed with setting up website hosting through Jonah. The cost is $25/mo. or $285/yr.*** (5% off) per website + $15/mo. or $180/yr.*** per additional website and includes:

  • Unlimited* visitors
  • Unlimited* storage
  • Unlimited* bandwidth
  • Free SSL (* setup and implementation may be additional)
  • Free Content Delivery Network
  • Free WP Rocket usage ($39/yr. value)
  • Free Imagify image optimization usage ($60+/yr. value)
  • Automated and on demand backups & restores
  • One click staging to be able to test out new things out in a safe environment
  • Support available through Jonah M-F, 9am – 5pm Mountain Time or 24×7 hosting support via Kinsta

*Unlimited within reason. If your site is using up tons of space and resources, Jonah may contact you about this.

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