Learn an F’n Language
“Start, stick with it, see results”
Learn An F’n Language needed a brand and video assets that did justice to its quirky personality. Check out what we did below:

Services Provided

Youtube Channel Branding

Striking the best balance between reaching and engaging their target audience and showcasing authenticity can be a really fun process when branding our clients’ channels. For Learn An F’n Language the result is a ton of personality you can clearly see across the channel’s icon, banner, and the engaging video thumbnails.


Content Strategy

You don’t want your videos getting lost in the sea of Youtube. That means getting clear about your content strategy: a combination of what you’re most passionate about, what your business needs to accomplish with video, and what your audience needs vs what they already have, AND crafting the best way to create your content to be engaging, informative, and entertaining all at the same time. We helped Learn An F’n Language do just that, resulting in educating and fun content that stands out in the world of language learning.

Video Editing

Once your content strategy is in place and you have shot your footage, it is time to bring it all together. For Learn An F’n Language that started with creating an engaging and unique intro that can be used on all videos, followed by branded graphics that help to make the video’s look and feel cohesive and fun. Of course we have also covered all the basic video editing needed to most effectively tell the story for each video.