Interactivity Foundation
“Engaging citizens in the exploration and development of possibilities for public policy”
Interactivity Foundation is a nonpartisan nonprofit operating foundation focused on using a facilitated small-group discussion process to help people collaboratively explore diverse perspectives and generate alternative possibilities to address areas of public concern, ultimately strengthening citizens' democratic capacities. They approached us for help in updating and improving the functionality of their website so that it reached a broader audience and better met their organizational goals.

The Challenge

The Interactivity Foundation’s website houses a growing library of resources and tools available to the public to further their mission of strengthening democracy in our world. While extremely useful, these tools, resources, and information were somewhat buried into the website and the navigation or content didn’t offer a clear path for the the user to take to find what they were looking for. When IF came to us, they had already identified their core audience and just needed us to help them flesh out how to organize their content and to design a narrative and path to take their users on once they arrived on the website.

“We knew, generally, that we wanted to update the overall design and function of our website. But to do that effectively, we also needed to significantly re-think our objectives:  who did we want to reach, what did we want them to do, and how could our website help make that happen? To further complicate this task, we also have a lot of content that users may access and use in different ways.”

Pete Shively

Fellow and Projects Administrator, Interactivity Foundation

Services Provided

  • Consulting
  • Marketing Strategy
  • UI/ UX & Web Architecture Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Goals & Objectives

Web Architecture Strategy

At the core of our process was understanding and reorganizing the information and resources offered on the website to find a clearer and more effective approach for the updated website. 

Website Redesign & Development

Keeping the IF brand as a foundation, the web pages would be redesigned and developed to result in a website with a fresher and more modern look that is also a lot easier to use.

The Process

“The team at PowerUp Productions, asked a lot of good and sometimes difficult questions, listened carefully, asked more questions, listened some more, and then worked diligently with us to re-think the overall function and structure for our site to make it more user-focused, direct, and streamlined. And when it came to the design and execution stage, their team worked efficiently—and often patiently with us—to design and build a site that is clean, elegant, easier to navigate, and more functional for us and, importantly, for our users.”
Pete Shively

Fellow and Projects Administrator, Interactivity Foundation

In Our Client’s Own Words

“We’re a relatively small non-profit with nonetheless big expectations for the look and function of our website.  In every way, the team at PowerUp Productions consistently met and exceeded all those expectations:  from start to finish and across the board from administrative support to concept work to the design, coding, and execution.”

Pete Shively

Fellow and Projects Administrator, Interactivity Foundation

The Results

Web Architecture Strategy

IF’s vast resources are now more easily accessible to users after a thoughtful restructuring and reorganizing effort.

Web Design

Using IF’s existing brand as the foundation and with a focus on improving the user’s experience, the new website’s design is more streamlined and relies more on visuals cues and images and a clear web architecture to lead the user through the amazing resources IF is offering on their website.

Web Development

The new website design comes to life through our expert development, relying on a thoughtful and flexible approach that will serve IF for many years to come.

“We love the new focus, look, and function of our website, and we whole-heartedly recommend PowerUp Productions for anyone needing help with their website—whether they need just a few technical tweaks or, as in our case, a complete make-over.”
Pete Shively

Fellow and Projects Administrator, Interactivity Foundation