Print and Media Design

Tempted to use something like 99designs for your print needs?

Don’t. You deserve better.

We now have print offerings that both beat their pricing AND give you way better results!

(scroll down to get to the rates.)

99designs = Templates

If you do the math on how many designers are competing for one design gig for $200, of which they’re only going to be paid a fraction – this equals template designs for you.

Trust me, it’s all templates or stock imagery, including logos (yikes!).

If you want a template for something quick and easy, we have a template package for $150, about $50 cheaper than 99designs.

Original Designs, More Personal, Better Rate

If you’re wanting an original design, again, you’re not getting that at 99designs. Oh, and to get the quote “expert” level designers, you’re going to be paying a LOT of money. And you talk to no one!

Our rates for our original work now beat the pants off of 99designs and you get to actually talk with us, get truly original work created for you, and best of all:

We totally appreciate and get you and your work!