'Hit Your Mark(eting)' Package

Reach your audience, make more sales.

'Hit Your Mark(eting)' Package

Reach your audience, make more sales.

I’m tired of ‘get paid to do what you love’

I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s not what you think.

We love helping people get paid to do what they love.

The problem is how do you do it?
(Hint: You just bring your passion, we’ll handle the rest.)

So many coaches and businesses spouting the banner of ‘get paid to do what you love’ honestly have no friggin’ idea about how to do it, at least not how to help others practically execute and get results. It’s just a lot of fluff with shiny, seductive messaging. Feels good; doesn’t do much in the end.

Getting paid to do what you love, reaching higher and deeper levels of success takes smart strategies, savvy execution, and lots of experimenting and learning.

It’s all well and good to have some helpful advice or a slick marketing formula, but where the rubber meets the road is implementation – the technical know how, patience, learning, and tweaking your own unique marketing formula – not over days, but weeks, and months.

Based on our almost decade of working with entrepreneurs like you, our new offering is specifically geared towards getting you real results and actionable information to refine your strategy.

Your 3 biggest challenges and opportunities:

  1. Reach your target audience, get more potential customers.
    People who are sincerely interested in your work. On an email list you can market to directly and create a real relationship with.
  2. Nurture potential customers, get them to take action.
    Convert more on-lookers into taking meaningful action, like signing up for your email list, or a more effective marketing funnel that gets your audience to your sales pages: they’re primed and ready to take action.
  3. Improve your conversion rate, get more sales.
    Convert more potential customers into actual paying customers. Some sales pages are better than others. A lot of revenue can be made or lost. Get real numbers and data to know how successful your efforts are and what changes will lead to more financial success.

Aside from the deep satisfaction you get from your work with others, these three goals are all most any of us are trying to achieve with our marketing.

Our new offering: Hit Your Mark(eting)

Our ‘Hit Your Mark(eting)’ package focuses on two key areas: crafting the right strategy for you, and using the powerful tools to do it.

Since we’ve been making a big fuss about how you do all of this, here are just a handful of tools we might use to help you. You might have heard of these awesome tools, but you don’t need to know a damn thing about them – that’s what we’re here for!

  • Unbounce. We use our pro level Unbounce account to craft you opt-in and sales pages to get you more signups and revenue. We’ll test multiple versions (A/B testing), make tweaks based on the real data and learning, increase your conversion rate, and build your email list and revenue.
  • Lead Magnets. We’ll help you identify the best lead magnets to use in your landing page, advertising, and promotions. Lead magnet is a fancy word for “the awesome thing you give to people for free to get them in your marketing funnel”.
  • CrazyEgg. How the hell do you know what people read and don’t read? CrazyEgg solves that problem. We’ll use our pro account to monitor your landing pages and content funnel on your website to know what parts of the page are working, and what aren’t. No more guessing and hoping.
  • LucidChart. A simple but powerful tool that will help us map out your content funnels from top to bottom. We’ll help you figure out what messages you need to deliver when so that your users stay engaged and take action.
  • Typeform. Ok, this one almost feels like cheating – we’ll help you craft short, simple surveys to send to your audience to get crucial feedback (and different ways you can solicit that aren’t scuzzy). Your audience will tell you what you need to do!

No need to spend hundreds of dollars per month for these apps or learn yet another program. We’ve got you covered!

Your commitment – Make it happen: 3 hours per month, for 3-months minimum.

Yes, this commitment is to us, but more than anyone, it’s to and for yourself.

It’s your commitment to get the results, to make change, and to take action now….but with top notch support to make your life much easier.

A lot can be achieved with consistent effort, even in small chunks of time. I consistently find that committing yourself to a tangible goal in a specific time frame accomplishes so much more than open-ended, wishful thinking. Let’s do this!

How we get started

Book a free chat to see how we can help, but when you make this commitment it’ll go like this:

  • Kick-off strategy session. Identify your primary goals. We’ll make sure we understand you, your offerings, and your audience.
  • We’ll craft your unique strategy and action plan.
  • Identify the right tools for the job.
  • Execute, learn, and refine.
  • See results, feel awesome.

We’ll be side-by-side with you the whole way, and we’ll handling the heavy lifting.
You just bring your passion, we’ll handle the rest.



Ryan Oelke, CEO & Founder