We’re so excited to work with you and to add Woo Commerce to your site!

Friendly note: Please read this introduction slowly and carefully before doing anything or emailing us 🙂

  1. This stuff is mostly easy, don’t worry. Seriously 😉 Even though there are several items on this homework page, most are simple “nuts and bolts” type of things that won’t take you long. We just like to be thorough, and listing things out also makes it easier for all of us to follow and keep track of 🙂
  2. Clear as a bell. We have great instructions and videos to help guide you through each homework item. We’ll explain what each thing is and what you need to do.
  3. We got your back. Guess what?! You can email Kate at [email protected] with any question you have about the homework items – woohoo! You can also book as many consults with Daniel as you’d like. In these consults you can ask us whatever you’d like, particularly about the homework.
  4. Check and CHECK! As you finish each item, Kate will cross it off the list. We’ll be sure to double check everything.

Your Team

Liaison and Point of Contact – Kate, [email protected]

Consultant – Daniel

Developer – Daniel


We pride ourselves on clear, easy, and warm communication 🙂 To make things efficient please follow these guidelines:

  • All of your communication will happen via email with Kate UNLESS you book consults with Daniel.
  • Please do not email your consultant or developer unless they email. If they are needed, Kate will connect with them.

Key Due Dates

We will add Woo Commerce to your website on Thursday, September 1st, 2016.

Homework Due Date: Tuesday, August 30th, 2016.

After we add Woo Commerce to your site: We will email you with any wrap-up notes and instructional videos by the end of the next day. 

What we need from you:

  1. Your hosting and Wordpress admin logins
  2. Your registrar login
  3. Sign up for Dropbox
  4. Woo Commerce
  5. Product Specification
  6. Zapier
  7. Mailgun
  8. Gravity Forms Woo Commerce Extension

Anything that needs to be emailed please email Kate at [email protected]. Everything else goes in our shared Dropbox folder, explained below.

**You must click each item where it says “click to open” in order to read the instructions for each item and/or see the videos:

Click to open about the videos

You do NOT have to watch all or any the videos 🙂 …unless you need extra explanation or help, or if you just like to learn more visually or aurally.

If you have questions, then we highly recommend you watch any video that would help clarify things for you.

If you feel like you understand everything, and you just want to dominate this homework, have at it and blaze through!

Click to open consults instructions

f you would like to schedule any 30 minute consults with Ryan, you are welcome to schedule them using our main booking calendar. You’ll receive our discounted rate of $120/hr or $60 per 30 minutes up until your development date 🙂


Click to open hosting, wordpress instructions

Please email Kate:

-your hosting login

-your Wordpress admin login and

-the login for your registrar account, the company you purchased it through (e.g. GoDaddy).


Click to open Dropbox video


Click to open the Dropbox instructions

You will pass a lot of things to us via Dropbox, which is really important. It keeps things incredibly organized for everyone.

Here are instructions on how to sign up for Dropbox. Also check out the next section for a video tutorial 🙂

1. Go here and sign up for the account: http://db.tt/GVLjdZAR

2. Install the application to your computer.

3. It will place a folder on your computer called “Dropbox”. It will also put a little icon in your menu bar, bottom of PCs, top of the screen for macs. You can access the folder via that icon as well.

4. After you’ve signed up, let Kate know which email you used to sign up and she will share a folder with you called “Heidi Woo Commerce”. You will receive an email with a link. You’ll need to click that link and accept the invitation.

5. Dropbox will automatically put the “Heidi Woo Commerce” folder inside of the “Dropbox” folder.

6. Any files you share with me should go inside the “Heidi Woo Commerce” folder. If you only put them inside the “Dropbox” folder, we’ll never see them. Likewise, if we pass you anything, you’ll find the files in there.

7. When a file goes in the folder, it will automatically upload/download to everyone’s computers. When someone deletes a file, it automatically deletes it from both computers.

8. You have to have your computer on and connected to the internet for files to sync. Obvious, I know, but sometimes worth stating.


Click to open Woo Commerce instructions

To get a simple, solid, quick set up of Woo Commerce we’ll need the following things:

1. Payment Gateway. This allows you accept payments on your site. We highly recommend using Stripe. We own an unlimited license to the extension and can give it to you for free, not to mention it’s fantastic and easy to sue. They take 2.9% and 0.30 per transaction, no monthly fees, and transfers money to your bank every 7 days, rolling basis. Sign up on their site below and then pass Kate your login. After we finish your site, please change your password.


If you decide you want to use a different payment gateway, let Kate know and we’ll look at options.

2. SSL Certificate. Using something like Stripe, you will need to purchase an SSL certificate. This allows you to let users put their credit card info onto a website page. It keeps their information secure while in process. Using Stripe, no credit card info is stored on your site or in your server.

Using a SSL requires two things:

1. Secure hosting. This is 100% provided via your host. It could be free or cost monthly depending on your host. Dreamhost provides it free. You don’t need to do anything if you’re on Dreamhost.

2. SSL Certificate. This can sometimes be provided through your host and costs yearly. If you’re using Dreamhost, you will get it through them for $10/year and I will set it up. If your host does not provide SSL certificates or they charge more than $49/year, we recommend RapidSSL which charges $49/year.  We need to do this over a consult with me before we build the site.


The primary thing you need to do is let us know what hosting provider you use so we can look into whether or not you should purchase the SSL through them or RapidSSL.

3. Shipping. We recommend keeping shipping very simple in the beginning. Set a flat rate for all purchases, and then an amount for each additional item added to the cart. So, you might charge $5 shipping for all orders, and .50 for each additional item in the cart. For example, if someone has 11 items in their cart, the total shipping would be $10 ($5 for the flat rate and first item, $5 for the additional 10 items). So, something like that, whatever prices work for you.

If that is good, please let Kate know how much you want to charge for flat rate and how much per item.

If you want something more complicated, please let Kate know and we’ll discuss in a  consult.

4. Taxes. We can’t give you advice on what you need to do regarding taxes. However, we’ll tell you what we’ve heard:

Virtual Products and Services. We’ve heard that if you’re not selling a physical product, you don’t have to collect taxes.

Physical Products. We’ve heard that if you are selling physical products you have to collect sales tax for products you sell to people who live in the state of your business.

Again we cannot advise or state anything concretely about this, just passing you what we’ve heard 🙂 You should speak with an accountant to find out what you should do for your business.

That being said, if you do need to collect taxes, we will set taxes up for one state. We need to know which state and the percentage for taxes. We will record a video for you to show you how to easily add more.

If you don’t need to charge for taxes, you don’t need to do anything 🙂

4. Product Information. We will set up at least one product. Please create a document for the product title, price, and a short description. Title each document to match the product title and make sure they are in word documents and not .pdf files. Place this document along with the product image into our shared Dropbox folder. Please add images files (.jpg, .png, etc and NOT .pdf or contained within description documents) individually and title them according to the product to which they are linked (for example: product1.jpg).


Click to open Woo Commerce Video


Click to open Zapier instructions

Zapier lets you connect third party services to one another and automate certain actions. One service triggers an action in the other. An example of this is when people purchase your product, we can have Zapier put their email address into an email list in Mailchimp. If you would like us to create a Zap like this, please email Kate your Mailchimp login AND the name of the list.

Zapier has a free account which is good for the majority of folks. If you need a paid account later, you won’t be charged unless you sign up, and if you do need it, it means you’re making a lot of money 🙂

Please sign up for a free Zapier account and email your login to Kate.

Click to open Mailgun explanation

Mailgun is a service that will solve two potential problems you might experience and we ask that you set it up to 100% prevent them in the future:

1. Reliability of emails being sent from your website. Your website itself sends out automatically generated emails for different purposes. One example is administrative emails sent to you. These emails are notifications of various types giving you important information such as security alerts, comments left on your site, etc. Another example is, if you are using Woo Commerce or will in the future, order notifications and confirmations sent to you and your customers. These types of emails have nothing to do with your email addresses. These emails are generated from within your website itself and sent to you or others from the website.

These types of emails are normally handled by code inside of WordPress itself. However, this code can be unreliable and inconsistent, meaning sometimes emails aren’t sent out at all. Mailgun takes over this functionality and makes it VERY reliable 🙂

2. Replying as a forward-only email in Gmail. This is a little harder to explain until you see it, but we have a video tutorial in The 1-Day Site Tutorials that will explain more. If you choose to use a forward-only email address, it has no login. It simply forwards email to another address, like a Gmail address. In Gmail, you can however set it up so you can reply AS that forward-only email rather than your gmail address. However, Mailgun is needed in order for this to happen. Don’t worry, you’ll just follow our tutorial and you’ll understand then 🙂

Click to open Mailgun signup instructions

Sign Up for Mailgun

The instructions here are simple and you don’t need to understand anything to do it 🙂 However, if you want to understand why we ask for this, see the previous section for a nice video and a written rundown.

1. Please go to Mailgun and sign up for a free account. A free account will be all you ever need unless you’re making insane big bucks and have thousands and thousands of customers/users, in which case, the paid account will be worth it:P We use Mailgun on 4 of our own websites and still only use the free account.

2. Please pass your Mailgun login to Kate.

3. Be sure to activate your account via the activation email you will be sent upon signing up.

We’ll take care of the rest!


Click to open gravity forms wc instructions

Please purchase the license for the Gravity Forms Woo Commerce extension here: https://www.woothemes.com/products/gravity-forms-add-ons/

You’ll forward any emails you receive after purchasing to Kate.

Then email Kate with your preferences for the form including which fields/options you need.