PowerUp Your Passion

We help passionate meaning-driven entrepreneurs and small businesses bring their purpose and ideas to life through powerful branding, design and development.

You’re making a difference in the lives of others.

You’re ready to go to the next level.

You’re starting a new business or an exciting growth phase in your mature business.

You need help making it a reality and a brand that embodies you and your work.

Sound like you? We’re the creative partners you’ve been looking for.

We truly get you. We love your work. Let’s catalyze your business.

You won’t find a better group than us! Just to name a few of our interests and passions: we’re long time meditators, yoga practitioners, acupuncture lovers, organic food eaters, mountain hikers, therapy seekers, conscious entrepreneurs (and lots more…seriously).

Not to mention: we LOVE technology and art, especially leveraging them to bring deep meaning to life through business.

Getting excited?? Let’s make your ideas a reality.

We give you amazing results that embody your passion and purpose.

No matter what phase you’re at in your business, we’ll always give you results that embody exactly who you are, and solutions that will get you to your next goal and beyond.

Ready to PowerUp your passion? We’d love to hear from you.

BTW, we’re based in Boulder, CO and Asheville, NC, but we enjoy working with clients locally, virtually, and from all over the world.

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Meet the Team

Ryan Oelke

Ryan Oelke

CEO, Founder, Coach

Ryan provides strategic consulting and direction for clients and the creative team. He has two decades of leadership experience and has served PowerUp clients for the last 10 years since PowerUp’s inception. He has MSEd in counseling psychology, BA in music performance, sound engineering, and Spanish. He has diverse experience in online media and marketing, including creating podcasts that have been downloaded millions of time, and producing a national TV show.

Ryan has an MSEd in counseling psychology, a long-time meditator, has two decades of leadership experience, and a passion and talent for merging the heart of visions, artistry, and relationship with skillful, eloquent execution.

Kate Callaghan

Kate Callaghan

Lead Project Manager

Kate is your master guide throughout the entire project. She helps clarify all of the moving pieces, answers all your questions (whether tiny and big), and helps all of us stay on track and feel amazing while we move forward together. Kate has an incredible ability to hold the complexity of large creative projects while helping all of us feel like we’re having fun while we do it.

Kate completed her creative writing degree at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC. Additionally, she is a yoga instructor, journalist, and avid hiker of the Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband and her big ol’ cuddly wolfdog, Siva. She also loves playing soccer, cycling, running, and curling up with a good book. Kate also firmly believes there is a best eraser and once did a science project to prove so.

Hari Baumbach

Hari Baumbach

Lead Designer

Hari fell in love with design and creating websites almost two decades ago. She loves the technical as much as the creative aspects of design, but her true passion lies in wanting to use the power of design to create a better world. When you see the amazing branding and designs in our portfolio, you’re seeing the gifts of Hari’s talent. Her process is aimed at truly understanding your needs, your branding aesthetics, and how to best take you through a process that results in design that both you and your audience love.

When she isn’t designing, she can be found outside in nature, cooking, hanging out with her family and friends, making music, or making art.

Jonah West

Jonah West

Lead Developer

Jonah is your WordPress development mastermind and do-it-all guy. He’s been working with the platform for over 10 years and loves to implement efficient and intelligent WordPress solutions. He has considerable experience and depth in not only WordPress, but powerful extension plugins such as Woo Commerce, Woo Memberships, Events Calendar Pro and more. He’s passionate to find solutions that are powerful, reliable, and easy as possible for you to use.

When he’s not in front of a screen, Jonah is out in the beautiful Colorado sunshine hiking mountains, on his bike, hanging with his girlfriend and dog, or cooking some good food.

Caitlin Van Hecke

Caitlin Van Hecke

Junior Project Manager/Social Media Specialist

Caitlin is here to help you with all the what, when, and hows of going about creating the website of your dreams and then sharing it with the world.  She’s a big believer in questions– there are none that are too big or too small, so feel free to ask away.  She prides herself in her ability to communicate effectively and efficiently and feels like connection is at the heart of everything we do in life.  She’s ready to connect with you!

Outside of PowerUp, she’s a yoga instructor as well as an aspiring foodie and oenophile, in search of that perfect glass of vino to go with her farm to table meal.  Not hard to do with the plethora of restaurants in Asheville, NC.  She’s also convinced that in a past life she was a professional tennis player.

What We Do


  • Logo Design & Style Guides
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Print
  • eBook Design


  • Website Design and Development
  • Sales and Landing Pages
  • eCommerce
  • Course Creation
  • Newsletters and Social Media


  • Business Coaching
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Creative Direction


  • Advertising
  • Video and Audio
  • Podcasting
  • Music
  • Photography

And so much more. Don’t see it? Just ask. Most likely we do it or know someone amazing who does.

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