Bring Woo Commerce to Your Site

Start Selling on Your WordPress Website

And it’s going to be stupid easy.


With Woo Commerce you’ll be able to manage your shop and all of your products right inside of your website. And it’s FREE.

We’ll do all of the heavy lifting and get you set up, then you’ll take the wheel and start making millions (we like to think big).

Sell What You Want

Physical products, virtual products, services, downloads, subscriptions. You name it. It’s easy. All the things you’d expect in a shopping experience comes with it. Payment gateways, shipping rates, inventory management, coupons, sales, and more.

Low Maintenance

You don’t need to be a geek to manage your shop in Woo Commerce. Manage products and orders as easy as you update pages and blog posts.

Customize Your Set Up

Want some special fancy pants features? Woo Commerce has loads of “extensions” that help you add customizations and connect third party services right into your store.

The PowerUp Woo Commerce Basic Package

Our basic setup gets you everything you need with minimal effort and it’s what we use at PowerUp. It includes:

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  • Our awesome homework process to guide you through everything you need to get going
  • Two 30-minute consults to help you with your marketing and strategy
  • Guidance on everything you need to think about in setting up a store
  • Woo Commerce Installation
  • Connecting the Stripe payment gateway or Paypal
  • Setting up an SSL certificate so you can take payments right on your site
  • Installing Woo Subscriptions (if desired)
  • Configuring flat rate shipping for physical products (if needed)
  • Creating up to three products
  • Testing products and purchases
  • 1-Year Membership to our Woo Commerce Video Tutorials


Note: we own licenses for the Stripe and Woo Subscriptions extensions, so you won’t need to buy them.

There are no monthly fees except for transaction fees from Stripe or Paypal.

Your Investment: $700.

Ready to start Selling? Give us a shout today!

Need Even More?

If you need more than what’s in the basic package, just give us a shout and we’ll create you a custom setup! There are tons of options for customizing in Woo Commerce, so let us know how we can help you.

Don’t Have a Website?

We got you covered with another easy solution: The 1-Day Site. Read more about that here.


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