If you ever read a blog post from me at PowerUp, I hope its this one as we’ve undergone a huge evolution in the last few months and I’m pumped to share it all with you!

I’m going to keep this brief as possible, but in case you’d rather read the cliff notes, here you go:

PowerUp is Now a Full On Creative Agency with Employees

We are now finally a dedicated and small, but passionate team of creatives, not simply a scattered group of freelancers who work together on occasion. And we do it all: branding, design, copywriting, development, strategy, advertising, marketing, video, audio, and much more. You name it, we’re here for you.

What this means for you:

We get to work with you in powerful new ways that we simply never were able to before without being under one roof.

We are even more intimate in our work with you because everyone on the team works closely and agilely on every single one of your projects.

Anytime you need something, you only have one stop to make – we’re your personal in-house creative team.

You don’t have to choose between being cared for and getting amazing results. We give you the intimacy and flexibility of an individual with the jaw-dropping results of a big agency.

You’re always on our mind. Yeah, I know. Sounds like a stalky lyric from a Sting song, but its true. When we work together, you’re not just someone we squeeze in for few hours between 9 and 5. We’re always thinking about you. We get insights about your marketing during a jog, jot down notes about your brand at the grocery store, and, yep, sometimes we even brainstorm new ideas for your business in the shower.

Read more about the PowerUp Experience.

Our New Team

Some of you have already met and worked with our new team that came on this summer , but if you haven’t, you will LOVE them! Briefly here is our amazing team:

Me, CEO, Creative Director (per usual)
Kelly Bearer, COO
Hari Baumbach, Designer
Juniper Stokes, Copywriter
Jason Lange, Developer
Kristi Matteson, Executive Assistant

Read more about each of our awesome creatives here.

Our New Website

And of course, we had to have a new website that represented how far we’ve come and all the new wonderful changes we’ve made. Please feel free to click around and explore the new site 🙂

Celebrate with Some Big Discounts!

To celebrate this new birthing of PowerUp we’re offering some awesome discounts on our Woo Commerce install package, logo designs, and copywriting, all 25% off. Just send us a message if you have questions or would like to get started!

Thank you so much for your passion and support!

Ryan Oelke
CEO, Creative Director
PowerUp Productions

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