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In this episode I talk with Jason Lange, filmmaker, cinematographer, and all around digital media guru. We explore using video to help tell your story and build an authentic relationship with your audience and how video has become an indispensable medium for all entrepreneurs. And of course, we dive into some geeky details on creating video on your own. So, kick back, relax and let’s get geeky with Jason Lange!

Enrich your entrepreneurial life as you explore:
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  • How video helps build trust and genuine relationships with your audience
  • When to use a video as an entrepreneur
  • Why the first 30 seconds of video is make or break
  • Why your story trumps production quality…
  • …and how audio is the most important technical piece of the video
  • Whether or not you need to hire a professional


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[do action=”powerup-pro-author-image”]Jason Lange - Filmmaker[/do]Jason Lange is a film director, writer, and all around digital media guru.  He’s worked on two seasons of the cable television series Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll, produced and filmed the award winning documentary Awakening World, and co-hosts the Seventh Kindgom podcast.   He recently successfully kickstarted a new short film entitled SHARE he’s written and will be directing that explores how technology, relationships, and intimacy may increasingly affect each other in the emerging digital age.

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